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Domus.Cad Pro and Std - New

Domus.Cad now twice as good!

Domus.Cad Std: The essential for architects

Domus.Cad Pro: Design without compromise.

Read about Domus.Cad on the Domus.Cad product page.

Geo-Tec B 7.1 - Slope Stability - New

Geo-Tec B 7.1 is a program for verifying stratified slopes in the presence of water beds, loads and reinforced zones. It also calculates for seismic zones. Visit the Geo-Tec product page to see complete program info and download a free demo for Windows and Mac Os X.

Cad File Converter 3.0

Import, export, view and print DXF-DWG-DWF-DBF
Converts scaled fully configured PDF ready for printing
Others ...

Visit the Cad File Converter product page and download a free trial version!

Architectural land modeling


DomusTerra is our low-cost land modeling application for architects, landscape architects, and anyone needing to model small pieces of land for architectural purposes.

To see a complete list of DomusTerra features please visit the Land Modeling product page.

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restauri chiesa 3

They did it with Domus.Cad!

DigiCad 3D 9 - New

Architectural photogrammetry and mapping

Download a free, Full Functions, Time Limited version!

Read about DigiCad 3D on the DigiCad 3D product page.

VerPres - ULS analysis fo iPhone - New!

Reinforced concrete analysis of rectangular sections - axial load, stress-strain and ULS.

See the VerPres product page.

Nonio C 10

Download the free demo version of Nonio C 10 for Mac Os X! Windows version very soon

See the Nonio C product page.


Advanced road design for Windows and Macintosh.
You choose the price you pay!

Visit the HighRoad product page

Architectural Photogrammetry

Architectural Photogrammetry: Software and Methods

Your guide to architectural photogrammetry programs and photographic equipment, plus how to evaluate the different characteristics of software and hardware

Rent-To-Own CAD

A revolutionary way to buy your software

SpiralStair - New!

New Domus.Cad's SpiralStair module allows you to create rapidly, and parametrically, spiral and helical stairs, with railings, structure and, if wished, central pole.

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